"It's not a brand it's a revolution."

Flaminsquirrel believes that if you want to bring a change in your society, then make your youth stronger. In the quest for being a helping hand to the young generation, we are here to bring a rebellion for a good cause. As per the objective of our company, we are going to yield a give and take relationship. We will love to begin it with clothes which we will buy from charity shops and then using further for the same motive.

Our company’s initiative is unique, but, progressive as we sell the second-hand clothes with our tag along with which 10 percent of that money is used as a helping hand for youth projects. Not only this but, you will be glad to know that our company is an environmentally friendly organization with the sole motive of doing good and better for others.

If you are willing to visualize a world in which humanity must be prominent than any other aspects, then, join hands with us to make your dreams come true. Your small assistance can become a considerable favor in many young children’s lives. With your support, we can become a cause of humanitarianism. We care for the environment and therefore, we do not insert any pressure on it by choosing the methods of recycling with the tags rather than destroying the old ones.

You support squirrel, and we will attach wings to many people so that they can fly high with our support. With the help of second-hand clothes, you can uplift your dressing standards, and we can use our profits for youth projects. Over and all, we are a family who believes in helping others and rises high within contradistinction to fly alone with the wings of a squirrel.

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